Life in Marin

A Blog by Resident and Marin Realtor, Jaime Pera


Concierge Services

As a full service realtor I am committed to doing whatever I can to ensure that every client feels like their needs are heard and understood. With this goal in mind I work hard to provide clients with an experience that is unique and personal. Because I recognize that today’s home buyers and sellers are working harder than ever with less free time, I stay focused on relieving stress by helping clients make the best possible decisions. I strive to add measurable value to transactions and exceed client’s expectations.

Seller Concierge Services:

♦  Prepare detailed comparative market analysis
♦  Schedule pre-inspections before going on the market
♦  Create a detailed seller home preparation plan
♦  Recommend high quality and vetted service providers, obtain proposals, and schedule and monitor work performed
♦  Recommend high quality home design and staging professionals
♦  Provide sellers a detailed calendar of events and follow up with regular updates
♦  Provide high quality marketing materials, high resolution property photos and property videos, a unique property website, and social media plan
♦  Work closely with sellers to set a home price that will attract a large number of qualified buyers
♦  Provide honest feedback and insight to sellers throughout the transaction

Buyer Concierge Services:

♦  Interview buyers to gain a thorough understanding of their goals and objectives
♦  Provide buyers with names of high quality, vetted mortgage service providers
♦  Help buyers work their way through the loan pre approval process
♦  Share market knowledge about local trends, cities, neighborhoods, schools, and where to find the best values
♦  Share real estate knowledge about the real estate contract, what to expect when writing an offer, strategies to win multiple offer situations, and how to negotiate
♦  Guide buyers through the property inspection process, renegotiation of purchase price (if necessary), appraisal, and title, escrow, and closing
♦  Provide honest feedback and insight to buyers throughout the purchase process