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A Blog by Resident and Marin Realtor, Jaime Pera


About the Blog

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my Marin Lifestyle blog.

I created this blog for the purpose of highlighting and discussing Marin County’s rich history, with the overall goal of connecting like-minded Marin lovers together! Here you can read about our cities, historic sites and historic figures from the past, distinct and unique neighborhoods, residential real estate activity and architectural trends, and fun indoor and outdoor activities.

I am a long-time Marin resident and realtor. I was raised in Tiburon and Mill Valley and have a deep love and appreciation for our county. As I grow older I find myself more connected than ever to Marin nostalgia and as a result am on a mission to explore Marin lifestyle as we knew it then and discuss how it continues to evolve and change today. By focusing on unique, out-of-the-way sights and experiences I hope to build a better understanding of Marin, its people, and the many reasons we choose to live here!


I write on this blog weekly and hope that you find it informative and entertaining. I encourage you to stop by to visit often. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy my Marin Lifestyle blog!